The Background

The Court Theatre is New Zealand's largest and most successful theatre company, producing 19 productions a year, and is renowned for celebrating and commissioning original New Zealand plays. 

Having spent the last 10 years in their post-earthquake refuge – transforming ‘The Shed’ from an old grain storage silo into a magical world of happiness, laughter, drama, and intrigue - the Court is now planning their move into the heart of Christchurch City, to the Performing Arts Precinct.

Development of their new theatre is underway – a truly remarkable place designed by NZ Athfield Architects and UK-based Theatre Architects, Haworth Tompkins. 

Identifying the need to raise both public awareness and capital for this move, the Court sought five new team players – from Trustee to Capital Campaigns Manager – the search began to strategically position this iconic theatre company towards its exciting future.

What We Did to Help

Building on our genuine partnership with The Court, as a philanthropic sponsor to this treasured contributor to the Arts, Andrea Bankier, Senior Consultant at Sheffield, sat down with Barbara George, Chief Executive, and set about gaining a deep and thorough understanding of the roles and how they would play their individual parts in positioning The Court for their future direction and needs.

Andrea recommended some very targeted Search, where our in-house dedicated Research team actively identify and approach candidates who fit the brief but may not be currently looking for a new role, alongside digital advertising, as well as utilising the Court’s own communication channels.

What Happened as a Result

It is a great testament to The Court that the field of applications for all five of the roles was very strong, with an excellent response from both the Search approaches and from advertising.

We are therefore proud to announce the following five appointments and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate:

Capital Campaign Manager - Carolyne Grant

Communications & Marketing Manager - Julie McCloy

Education and Outreach Manager - Dr Alison Walls

Publicist - Stacey Wouters

Trustee – Paul Bryden

“Our sincere thanks to Andrea Bankier and Jane Cotter of Sheffield for sponsoring these appointments.  Their expertise has ensured we have made excellent appointments.” Barbara George.


And of course, it is always wonderful to receive feedback from our candidates too, on their experience of the Sheffield journey as we represent our clients:

“Thank you for making this whole process so incredible! I want you to know that the way you both saw the process through from start to finish made me feel valued and supported every step of the way - so I really want to thank you for that. You both do an incredible job.” 


To learn more about The Court’s team, you can find their profiles here:


Andrea can be reached via this link or through our website,

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