Sheffield is thrilled to have partnered with Nutrient Rescue in the recent appointment of their new Chief Executive Officer and proud to announce Andrew Simcock as the successful candidate, after undertaking an extensive search process.

Andrew has a thirty-year career demonstrating a strong track record of success across a number of marketing, investment, commercial and general management positions.

He has a passion for helping organisations take step changes in a world that is fast changing with accelerating market dynamics and emerging exponential climatic pressures. Andrew has a Master of Commerce and is proud of taking a market-focused, people-centric and long-term sustainable environmental approach to building successful organisations.

Nutrient Rescue was founded for all the right reasons to improve our health & wellbeing, using the very best New Zealand nutrient-dense fruit and vegetable varieties to create high value ‘nutrient shots’ for customers around New Zealand and increasingly, around the world. They have doubled the average daily new customers in the last quarter of 2021 from the equivalent pre-Covid period in 2019, and growth has continued this year. This jump in new customers shows the impact of Covid as the pandemic put the spotlight on the importance of being healthy and having good immunity.

Andrew’s focus will be to continue to lead the expansion of this growth-focussed business to the next level. We wish Andrew all the very best as he commences his new role with Nutrient Rescue.


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