Sheffield and the Not for Profit Sector

For over 30 years Sheffield has proudly been supporting the Not-for-Profit Sector. At Sheffield we place importance both as an organisation and in our private lives on giving back to the communities within which we live and work.


The Not-for-Profit sector is an important, and crucial one in many communities and providing support to these organisations where possible can help to ensure their success. At Sheffield we continue to stand beside the Not-For-Profit sector and value our relationships with these many and varied organisations.

Sheffield have supported a large range of Not-for-Profit organisations over the years, more recently we have partnered with the following to assist them with their varied senior recruitment assignments. Our consultants work closely with each client to understand their specific organisations needs and ensure a successful outcome.

We are very proud to have recently worked with:

Antarctic Heritage Trust

The Court Theatre Christchurch

Cancer Society NZ/Canterbury West Coast Division

Catholic Diocese of Christchurch

Canterbury Brain Collective

Workplace Support

Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust

Nova Trust


Below are some testimonials from a few of these clients and their experience working with Sheffield:


Antarctic Heritage Trust

"I had worked with Sheffield before in a previous role – Louise in particular. They have a good personable approach, and nothing seems a problem....Sheffield are a well-established recruitment brand in the South Island. They are professional and provide good insight into candidates....There was value having an intermediary when negotiating salary, and a lot of the value is created by trusting the consultant. I would certainly use Sheffield again."

The Court Theatre Christchurch

"I want you to know that the way you both saw the process through from start to finish made me feel valued and supported every step of the way - so I really want to thank you for that. You both do an incredible job and I think if we had more recruiters like you in the world, applying for roles wouldn't be such a scary thing to do."


Catholic Diocese of Christchurch

"We chose to partner with Sheffield on the appointment of a Communications Manager based on the fact that Sheffield have established an excellent relationship with the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch, and really “get” our organisation.  As a faith based not-for-profit organisation our requirements don’t always fit the typical recruitment profile, but Andrea really understands our business, our people and how we operate, which is of key importance when finding good candidates."


Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust

"Providing governance for such an important community service requires an effective, professional and committed team of Trustees. To find these Trustees CWCART partnered with Sheffield. They have the expertise and the reach within the community to find the best people for the role and Sheffield's management of the process makes the process easy....Their effectiveness was clearly demonstrated when we recently appointed a Trustee to replace one who had retired."

Nova Trust

"We partnered with Sheffield having had success using them for previous appointments….The communication and processes were superb and kept us as the client informed and removed the worry about what was going on. We always felt we knew how the process was progressing, were given timely updates and felt no need to worry as knew the process was in professional hands...We had confidence in the process the entire way as knew the outcome would be successful."

We look forward to continuing our unwavering support in the Not-for-Profit sector for years to come.

To contact any of our Consultants please visit our website and we will be happy to assist you.

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