Executive Search

In conjunction with our extensive historical knowledge and ongoing mapping of the executive landscape, we develop search strategies which proactively identify the best and most relevant talent in the field. Our dedicated in-house research team supports our trained consultants in fine-tuning the search strategy to the particular needs of each assignment. This is supported by our membership in the AltoPartners Executive Search Worldwide network, which facilitates far-reaching access to international talent. Furthermore, we provide additional in-depth evaluative advice through psychometric and behavioural assessments, lending additional value and rigour to your decision-making.

Executive Selection

A selection approach relies on talent sourcing techniques to service clients with a swift and focused recruitment process. With over 50 years in the industry, Sheffield has an extensive executive candidate database, offering not just a collection of resumés, but a wealth of long-term and in-depth evaluative information. Furthermore, our consultants’ use of DDI’s Targeted Selection® competency-based interviewing processes, combined with our in-house psychometrics, provide additional assurance in the recruitment process.  

Executive Contracting

When a short-term appointment or a change agent is required, we can provide an effective solution. Sheffield’s Executive Contracting service offers talented executives, with the right skillset and personal profile, to integrate into your organisation and hit the ground running. Such assignments may include managing a gap or period of transition, a project or programme of work, and a crisis or change process.

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  • Having placed our previous GM, Sheffield was familiar with our organisation’s requirements. This resulted in a smooth process that was professionally and successfully managed. We were happy with the outcome, and successfully appointed our new General Manager.

    David Barker, Chair, Rural Livestock - South Island

  • Andrea facilitated the process remarkably well, particularly given the size of the interview panel (7 on panel). We were very happy with the recommendations made on applicants and who to progress to shortlist interview.

    The whole process was totally professional and there was nothing that could have been done better.

    The panel of 7 represent an experienced group of professionals and all were impressed with the process. Andrea’s advice was sound and we feel we got very good value for the fee.

    Colin Freeman, Chair, Rochester and Rutherford Hall - Christchurch

  • The biggest value-add we experienced from Louise was the thoroughness, quality and depth of the candidate reports – they are detailed and insightful and are always in the context of understanding the role and the organisation, and as a consequence, we avoid wasting anyone’s time.
    I highly recommend Sheffield, especially for the managerial and technically specialist roles, which is where they add real value.

    Gary Andrews, Manager People and Capability, Invercargill City Council - South Island

  • Sheffield always identify good candidates and I often wonder if the same quality of candidate would emerge without us using Sheffield, and I doubt they would.

    I recommend using Sheffield – they have access to good people and are aware of who is quietly active in the market, especially in the government sector

    Steve Parry, Chief Executive Officer, Gore District Council - South Island

  • Sheffield are a well-established recruitment brand in the South Island.  They are professional and provide good insight into candidates - I don’t feel as if I was being “sold” a candidate which is good in my books.  They provided good briefing and background to the candidates and the candidate summary reports are very good and felt thorough.
    There was value having an intermediary when negotiating salary, and a lot of the value is created by trusting the consultant… I would certainly use Sheffield again.

    Marcus Waters, GM Commercial and Partnerships, Antartcic Heritage Trust, - Christchurch

"The difference between a pebble and a mountain lies in whom you ask to move it"

- Marcus Buckingham

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