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Mobile: +64 21 781 677

Mobile: annie.riley@sheffield.co.nz

Annie Riley

Senior Research Consultant

Phone: +64 9 367 1504

Mobile: +64 21 781 677

Email: annie.riley@sheffield.co.nz

Name: Annie joined the Sheffield team in 2020 as a senior researcher for the executive search team.

Mobile: shona.macrae@sheffield.co.nz

In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shona-macrae-4a69081a5/

Shona Macrae

Personal Assistant

Phone: +64 4 471 0122

Email: shona.macrae@sheffield.co.nz

Name: Shona joined the Wellington office in 2020 as a Personal Assistant.

Mobile: marieke.jansonius@sheffield.co.nz

In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marieke-jansonius/?originalSubdomain=nz

Marieke Jansonius

Junior Consultant

Phone: +64 9 367 1570

Email: marieke.jansonius@sheffield.co.nz

Name: Marieke joined Sheffield in 2019 as a junior consultant in our Organisational Development team.

Mobile: +64 27 498 9466

Mobile: sheree.applegarth@sheffield.co.nz

In: https://nz.linkedin.com/in/shereematthews

Sheree Applegarth

Research Consultant

Phone: +64 4 471 0413

Mobile: +64 27 498 9466

Email: sheree.applegarth@sheffield.co.nz

Name: Sheree joined the Wellington Team mid 2019 as a research consultant for the executive search team.

Mobile: sheffieldOD@sheffield.co.nz

In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kari-naimon-ab28878/

Kari Naimon


Phone: +64 9 367 1551

Email: sheffieldOD@sheffield.co.nz

Name: Kari is a Global Coach, HR and Organisational Development expert. Her extensive international experience over some 20 years has put her at the top of her game in the Leadership Development space.

Mobile: sheffieldOD@sheffield.co.nz

Janet Macaskill


Phone: +64 4 471 0122

Email: sheffieldOD@sheffield.co.nz

Name: Janet is an Organisational Coach possessing some 20 years’ experience working in the Leadership Development space. She has worked directly with a variety of Boards, Chief Executives and senior leaders across a range of industries, from public sector through to IT.

Mobile: +64 21 063 4783

Mobile: peter.milojev@sheffield.co.nz

In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-petar-milojev/

Petar Milojev


Phone: + 64 9 377 3119

Mobile: +64 21 063 4783

Email: peter.milojev@sheffield.co.nz

Name: Petar is an Organisational Development Consultant in the Sheffield team, as well as an active Psychological Researcher within the University of Auckland, specialising in fields such as personality, social and political psychology, social systems, as well as research and investigative methodologies.

Mobile: +64 274 919 235

Mobile: larry.small@sheffield.co.nz

In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/smalllarry/

Larry Small

Associate Director

Phone: +64 9 308 9325

Mobile: +64 274 919 235

Email: larry.small@sheffield.co.nz

Name: Larry joined the Sheffield team in 2019 as an Associate Director, having built a considerable career in the human resources and recruitment sector.

Mobile: lucy.stevens@sheffield.co.nz

In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lucy-stevensnz/

Lucy Stevens

Personal Assistant

Phone: +64 9 367 1508

Email: lucy.stevens@sheffield.co.nz

Name: Lucy joined the Sheffield team in 2019, having spent some time working overseas. Her career to date has included working in support roles for UK based recruitment firms and NZ Government departments.

Mobile: jane.cotter@sheffield.co.nz

Jane Cotter

Personal Assistant

Phone: +64 3 353 4357

Email: jane.cotter@sheffield.co.nz

Name: Jane joined the Christchurch office in 2018.

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