Petar Milojev


Petar has worked with the Sheffield team since 2018, as well as an active Psychological Researcher within the University of Auckland, specialising in fields such as personality, social and political psychology, social systems, as well as research and investigative methodologies.

Areas of Service

  • Assessment

Business Experience

Petar has considerable experience as a researcher and academic practitioner, having authored and contributed to over 25 papers and international journals. His area of technical expertise and wealth of applied experiences mean that Petar is a leader in the field of personality assessments as well as people systems design. Petar has worked at several universities throughout New Zealand as well as well as overseas, having worked as Professor of Psychology at an international university in Malaga, Spain.

Petar is active in several ongoing research projects, both domestic and international, including: The New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study, The Digital Influence Study, and Project GLOW: Global Living Organizational Wage. These relationships continuously inform Petar of current and future people and organisational trends, systems, and methodology.


Professional Qualifications/Memberships

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), Psychology - University of Auckland, New Zealand

Postgraduate Diploma, Psychology – University of Auckland

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology/Philosophy - University of Auckland, New Zealand

Advisory Board member for the New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study

Member of the International Society of Political Psychology

Member of the Society of Australian Social Psychologists

Affiliated investigator and research methods and analysis support for the Digital Influence Study

Affiliated investigator and research methods and analysis support for Project GLOW

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