Sheffield were once again delighted to be sponsors of the SOLGM Annual Summit. The SOLGM (Society Of Local Government Managers) Summit 2019 was help in Napier this year, with over 200 people attending. 

As Silver Sponsors, Sheffield delivered opening remarks at one of the sessions entitled: Stewardship of Communities. At this session, Chaired by Dr Sue Bidrose, we heard from Jane Arnott, NZ head of the Institute of Business Ethics based in the UK. We also heard from Graham Gill who leads the Evaluation and Intelligence Team of the Serious Fraud Office. They were discussing the importance of creating transparency around issues of ethics, leadership and company culture.

Attending from Sheffield were Associate Director David Hammond, Wellington General Manager, Katy Anquetil, and Senior Consultant Louise Green. SOLGM Chief Executive Karen Thomas remarked that, from her perspective, it was the most successful SOLGM summit to date. 


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