Sheffield has once again carried out a survey looking at the state of Leadership in the South Island.

For the third year now, we spoke to Leaders in the South Island and asked them about the biggest challenges they were facing. The data gleaned was merged with some of the latest research from Global Leadership Development Organisation DDI. What resulted was a deep understanding of some of the biggest issues facing South Island organisations today, including attracting talent, training opportunities, and inspiring others.

A recent presentation in Christchurch drew together some 40 HR Leaders, who came to find out more about what's really keeping our leaders awake at night.

In terms of how the survey was conducted, as with the last two years, we engaged Research First to carry out the survey. We also engaged with the University of Canterbury to carry out a variety of regressions from the raw data and help to paint a more detailed picture of the findings.

All up, 60 South Island based leaders were surveyed via telephone.

Amongst other things, the survey reveals what South Island Leaders are most concerned about, what it means to be a leader today, and what they think of the performance of their leaders.

The survey also looks at the most effective way to develop leaders and reveals the importance of mentoring. For example, according to DDI, having a mentorship framework in your organisation can reduce staff turnover by up to 20%. It also improves staff engagement levels across the business.

If you’re a South Island based company and you’d like one of our consultants to come present the findings of the survey to your team, please get in touch.

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