After 44 years of loyal and committed service Linda McKinley has recently retired from Sheffield. This is an extraordinary record of employment in any organisation if only viewed from a longevity perspective.

However, beyond this, Linda’s contribution has been exceptional on a number of fronts. She has served in a range of administration roles demonstrating the highest standards of professionalism. She has lived our values daily: supporting and caring for others, accepting and delivering on significant responsibility, being adaptable and reliable in challenging times, and exceeding client and candidate service expectations. Linda’s ever presence in the business has embedded a sense of ‘constancy’, internally and externally, about what our brand represents and its sustainability in just shy of 60 years in the New Zealand market. Linda has a great sense of fun and humour. We’ve laughed a lot with her.  She has been a major contributor to the life and soul of our heritage business. 

Thank you Linda from the bottom of our hearts. You leave much to live up to! 

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