DDI’s Global Leadership Forecast (GLF) is the most expansive leadership research project of its kind. As the exclusive licensed partner of DDI in NZ, we are pleased to be able to share with you an unprecedented research report series, representing a new era of leadership, precariously positioned to meet ongoing crises. For 20 years, the Global Leadership Forecast has been intended to be a true “forecast,” designed to help organisations around the world to hire, promote, and develop leaders to meet future business challenges. The intention of this year’s forecast is no different - however, data points collected both before and throughout the global pandemic clearly demonstrated that companies are gearing up for an era of constant crisis, one in which predictability is scarce.

With over 15,000 leader responses and 2,000 HR leader responses, spanning over 50 countries and 24 major industry sectors, the 2021 Global Leadership Forecast report has many valuable insights to share. See below three key findings:


  • Organisations where leaders practice and receive feedback from managers are more likely to have high-quality leaders and a strong bench.
  • Only 28% of HR respondents believe they have high-quality leadership.
  • On average, leaders report spending nearly 4.4 hours per week learning, but would prefer to spend about 7.5 hours.


These leadership trends show the many challenges and shifts in leadership brought on by the pandemic. The nice thing about this report is that it also speaks to the ‘So what?’ question that often comes with reading research. Connecting data to clear actionable steps, this report not only highlights hinderance to success in the current climate, but also tells you exactly where to place your focus to achieve success.

Often when there are shifts and shakeups, there is learning. Learning about what works and what doesn’t. Use 2020 as a springboard for what your leadership development programmes need to look like in order to succeed in the future.

To find out more about these insights and what steps you can take to address these challenges, get in touch with our team today.  

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