Every Monday morning, the Sheffield team comes together to discuss our current workload and opportunities to further service our clients. 

During lockdown these catch-ups continue but they work a little differently.  

At the start of the meeting, we invite each person to talk about how they are feeling and how their transition to working from home has gone. This opens the door for both personal and professional ‘sharing’. 

During that online meeting, working from home means that we share everything - the dog barking, the toddlers’ (normally hilarious) interruption, the seven-year-old that has just lost his tooth and many other moments that go beyond the norm! 

Allowing a moment for people to be seen and heard is not just important for the wellness of your employees, but also for your business. Challenging moments like lockdown are opportunities where we can demonstrate and practice our company values.  

Managing work/life balance is very different for each person during lockdown. Encouraging regular communication and supporting work flexibility are key to acknowledging this. Meetings may be moved, working hours may be more fluid – trust that what will need to be done will happen, but potentially not in the usual fashion, is crucial.  

I recommend implementing this simple tool with your team. Start your next meeting with an open forum and ask each person how they are.  

Kia kaha, Stay safe 

Ian Taylor 
Executive Director 

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