CEO Leadership Report 2021: Overview 
The Vulnerability of the Human Element of Work

At Sheffield, we operate on the understanding that the success of an organisation is driven by the success of its people. Therefore, our focus is on two key areas: developing leaders through personal insights, and providing organisations with a formal structure to support this growth.  

The importance that we place on the assessment and development of leaders at all levels has been affirmed by the recent CEO Leadership Report published by DDI. The latest Global Leadership Forecast Series report highlights the concerns Chief Executive Officers (CEO) and Chief People Officers (CPO) feel about performance; not only that of the people within their organisation, but also their own and that of their peers.   

Rising benchmarks and increased demands have affected leadership quality, but development and support practices are often piecemeal for frontline to mid-level leaders. These services are often completely forgotten about at the executive level.  

This report highlights the importance of determining capability through gathering objective data. Subsequently, this means providing focused development opportunities and support to frontline, mid-level and executive leaders alike.  


Key Insights 

  • A significant disparity between the view CEOs and CPOs have of talent in their organisations is leading to poorer performance outcomes. 

  • Developing future talent is an imperative for CEOs yet many CEOs are not leveraging HR strategically to align their business needs with talent needs. 

  • CEOs aren’t getting the development and feedback they crave & new executives are often left on their own and silently struggle through their transitions. The impact of this cascades through the organisation. 

  • The statistics throughout the report suggest that gathering objective data about talent and capability leads to greater performance and success. 



How we can support your organisation  

As the report outlines, the place to start is objectively determining the talent you have to allow for a focused approach to providing support. Furthermore, a focus of developing and supporting a CEO and the executive suite will likely impact things such as confidence, engagement and turnover for the organisation as a whole.  

The good news is that Sheffield has the tools to help. Through the use of multi-level assessment tools ranging from 360 feedback to psychometric personality testing, to fully integrated assessment simulations, we have access to an appropriate solution of any unique situation. Once we’ve determined your gaps, we can support with the likes of filling them, whether that’s through coaching or customised development programmes to address a range of leadership challenges.  

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Download the full report here.
About the CEO Leadership Report 

Led by DDI, the report analyzes responses from 368 CEOs and 2,102 human resource executives around the world to understand which talent practices differentiate companies set to thrive in the future. Sheffield is the exclusive licensed partner of DDI in New Zealand. 

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