In celebration of International Women's Day 2022, we asked Wellington Director Katy Anquetil to share one of her key learnings as a woman in a leadership role.

For Katy, International Women's Day is a chance to recognise the women that she has had the opportunity to learn from and work with. She encourages you to reach out to those people today, and let them know the positive impact they have had.

One of Katy's greatest teachers has been her mother. Throughout her life, her mother has often reminded her to 'do the things that you love'. As a professional that is also a mother to a young family, Katy sees this as a powerful lens in a multitude of ways.

"In doing what I love, I feel really inspired to come into work and I have energy for the work that I want to do. When I go home, I still have energy to be present with my kids."

Katy also reflected on how much energy doing something that you don’t love, or doesn’t inspire you, can take. This is why she places so much importance on this simple reminder: "When you do get the opportunity to do what you love, you can show up in a much more present way, both at home and at work."

Katy and the team at Sheffield wish you all the opportunity to do what you love.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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