The total number of online vacancies rose by 1.4% in December according to the Jobs Online report for December 2015. The monthly report is published by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

The largest increase was in hospitality and tourism (up 2.5%) with the only decrease in I.T (down 1.1%).

As it currently stands some of the fastest growing occupations are Urban and Regional Planners and Production Managers. Mike Stenhouse, Director of Sheffield South Island, said that whilst he saw some firms restructuring to meet economic demands, others had continued growth with an emphasis on recruiting new leaders. “The one constant we’re seeing is a re-energised focus on leadership development as a key HR initiative.” 

Vacancies also increased in Canterbury, primarily in the sales, retail marketing and advertising industry. The decreases were in construction and engineering.

The monthly MBIE report measures changes in job vacancies advertised by businesses on Seek, Trade Me Jobs and the Education Gazette.

The report can be found here.
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