By Melissa Keane

I live in Auckland, a city seemingly bursting at the seams (for New Zealanders). Things have changed rapidly in the unofficial capital: housing is at a premium (both to buy and to rent), traffic is a nightmare (peak hour lasts all day) and jobs are, interestingly enough, becoming more flexible. According to the 

Department of Statistics, one of the key changes in the labour market over the last three decades has been the increasing diversity in contractual arrangements and employment conditions. Today many people work in fixed term, part-time or temporary positions, are self-employed, or hold more than one job. Many also work irregular or changeable hours, or work remotely from home or other locations.

Yes, it’s becoming more commonplace for workers to choose fixed term or casual ongoing arrangements over permanent employment for a myriad of reasons, lifestyle being one of them. And when traffic often fails to travel faster than 10 kilometres an hour, it’s no wonder why.

At Sheffield, we’re proud to add Executive Contracting to our suite of professional services. So if contracting and short term assignments sound appealing, do get in touch. With more and more employees shifting away from standard contractual arrangements, Executive Contracting could be a very rewarding opportunity.

Executive Contracting is the perfect solution for an organisation while they search for the ideal candidate. The desire for to choose a fixed term or short term solution to help fill a gap, run a project or provide a niche skillset is one that appeals to companies who need ‘business as usual’.

If sounds like something you’d like to know more about, feel free to get in touch.   Melissa can be reached here. Her original article can be found on LinkedIn here.
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