The Background

Telecom (now Spark) was commencing a major transformation, that encompassed both a strategic shift and an organisational structural change. For the staff, this meant a cultural change and client centric outcome-focused approach to driving business performance.


What We Did to Help

Working with the internal HR team, Sheffield developed and delivered a Leadership Programme with a focus on driving performance though a people centric leadership approach. This was achieved with regular and effective performance-focused conversations.

All up, the three-month programme provided both workshop based and one-on-one development for leaders at all levels in the organisation. It set the ‘leadership standard’ for Spark and ultimately allowed the firm to drive performance through people, supporting the organisation’s wider transformation programme of becoming a leaner and faster paced company.


What Happened as a Result

As a result, the overall quality of leadership shifted significantly. Danielle George, ex GM HR said that “through ongoing measurement we have seen real results and tangible improvement in our leaders.” Organisational culture surveys showed a positive shift and leaders demonstrated a significant lift in leader competency after the programme was implemented. Sheffield achieved this by equipping leaders with the tools and skills to provide better day-to-day leadership as the business went through phases of required change to achieve transformation. “We have found the [Sheffield] team to be very responsive and focused on ensuring the very best outcomes for our business."

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