With many years’ experience appointing senior leaders, we at Sheffield often discuss their journey transitioning into those leadership positions.

This recent report from DDI - Development Dimensions International explores ‘Why Stress Levels Matter’ and shows that, across all leadership levels, the degree of support received in the transition into leadership roles has a major impact on stress levels. 

More than one third of leaders described their transition as overwhelming or very stressful, while at least 5% considered resigning.

It also highlights the steps organisations can take to diffuse some of this transition stress.

At Sheffield we can assist with transitioning leaders into their new roles, as well as undertaking 360-degree leadership surveys, providing effective and insightful feedback into leadership performance.

If you are interested to understand more about our comprehensive suite of offerings around leadership, we would be delighted to discuss them further with you, or visit the Sheffield website for more information.

You can also read the recent DDI summary on “Why Stress Levels Matter” here.

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