Research-based, professionally-executed assessment is the foundation of a sound organisational development programme. Drawing on a broad range of DDI's market-leading platforms, we offer a customised assessment suite that includes psychometric tools, in-depth assessment centres, team profiling, 360o Leadership Mirror® surveys and evaluation against key leadership competencies and capability needs.

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Career Management

Sheffield offers one-to-one coaching sessions to identify opportunities for individual career development. We also work with groups in a workshop format. From refining CVs through to comprehensive analysis of transferable skills, our career coaching will help individuals to build both expertise and confidence in managing career transitions and career planning.

Leadership Development

Driving performance and accountability is key to success. Yet many leaders struggle with getting maximum performance from their teams. Transitioning to first-line, mid-level and strategic leadership roles requires preparation and focused development to enable leaders to meet the significant changes in the political network, job complexity, time horizons and human dynamics of the work environment at each level.

Developing Great Leaders

HR Development

As experts in HR management, we offer analysis of an organisation's HR structures and processes, and provide recommendations to maximize their efficiency and impact. Our written and verbal reports will deliver structured guidelines on how to shape an HR system which best reflects the strategic drivers and priorities of the organisation. We provide ongoing support and guidance as required to ensure the effective implementation of recommendations.

Organisational Design & Change

Sheffield offers a comprehensive review of organisational drivers and their impact, we work with key stakeholders to help ensure that organisational structure and leadership frameworks are aligned with business direction. With a focus on change management and job design, using robust methodologies, we are able to support you or help lead organisational design and change initiatives.

Driving Performance

Our focus is on a customised service to lift performance through the development of leadership capacity. This ranges from the identification of key capability drivers through to the development of succession management frameworks, and undertaking talent audits for development planning. We also work with teams and team leaders to develop a stronger performance culture through skill development and clarity of focus.

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Executing Strategy

Sheffield is pleased to have been appointed as a panel provider for HR consulting services as part of the All-of-Government (AoG) Consulting Services Solution. 

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