What did they want?

Central Otago District Council (CODC) had a long established CEO who wanted to relocate for family reasons. They understood the importance of fit, so they wanted to take their time in finding a new candidate. This was the first time that the mayor or council had been involved in a CEO appointment so they needed to understand their obligation under the local government act.

What we did to help?

CODC worked with Sheffield to develop a holistic picture of their ideal candidate. This needed to involve all councilors in developing a robust selection process. This resulted in a campaign that looked beyond New Zealand and into Australia. They were also open minded as to whether the candidate came from a local government or private sector background.

What happened as a result

After fully evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of all the candidates, the hands-on approach ensured that all the councilors were involved in the interviews and ultimately the new appointment. Sheffield identified a New Zealander, Leanne Mash who had connections with the region but had successfully developed her CEO career in Australia. Leanne was successfully appointed in February 2015.

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