Meet the latest addition to the Sheffield team, Kari Naimon. Kari is a Global Coach, HR and Organisational Development expert. Her extensive international experience over some 20 years has put her at the top of her game in the Leadership Development space.


Tell us broadly about your background?

I’ve been working in the field of organizational development, leadership development, employee engagement and coaching for over 20 years and have been fortunate enough to work for some of the most well-recognized companies across the globe (Amazon and Toyota, Trek and Cannondale – the last two would likely be very well known to you if you’re a cyclist!).


What are you looking forward to about working with Sheffield?

My history has been working as part of an internal team focused on all the people development aspects of the employee population. While I’ve hired many consultants in my day, I’ve not yet been one – so I’m very much looking forward to working on the other side of the fence and applying everything I’ve learned about being internal to the business development and consulting work at Sheffield. I’m also looking forward to working with all of you!


Where do you see the future of organizational development heading?

Without knowing the full scope of Sheffield’s work in the OD arena yet, I see the future including a very diverse set of OD interventions. Taking a wider lens, I see a stronger focus on the transformation of how people are developed in organizations, a focus on inclusion/diversity and a deeper dive into talent analytics to inform a company’s people strategy.


What are the biggest challenges facing employers these days?

I’m still learning about what the biggest challenges of employees in NZ are – but what I’ve learned so far is that there is quite a bit of focus on creating healthy work cultures including things like the elimination of toxic work cultures, teams who are open to growth, and a general openness to change.


What's something that more businesses should start doing?

Collecting and analysing metrics around talent and using this to inform the business’ strategy.


What's something that more businesses should stop doing?

This is a double negative but stop not planning for the future which includes things like not implementing formal succession planning processes, and not looking at employee engagement on a regular basis!


Favourite business book

Recent add for me - Brene Brown’s ‘Dare to Lead’


Three words to describe you

Adventurous, Resourceful, Agile


What advice would you give to your 20-year-old self?

Trust that your intuition will guide you to the right place.


Favourite Quote:

This isn’t a quote per se – it’s 2 words – “pourquoi pas” which means ‘why not’ in French. One of the ways I try to live my life both professionally and personally is to ask “why not??” rather than “why?” – this has taken me to places that I never thought I’d go.


Kari will be based from our Auckland office and can be contacted here.

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